Chapman Christian Academy
Monday, May 20, 2019
4711 Chapman Rd
Millbrook AL, 36054
Institutional Education Program

Chapman Christian Academy elementary uses the A Beka book curriculum. In the 7 th through 12 th grades, this curriculum is used for eighty percent of the classes, supplemented by the Bob Jones curriculum. If we see something in another curriculum that is impressive, it may be used.

Elementary grades are kept to between twelve to sixteen students per class, and junior high and high school classes seldom exceed sixteen students.

Most students are in age appropriate classes. There is a fast track with exceptional students being offered advanced courses. At the other end of the spectrum, students that need some extra help or work more slowly than others do receive some modifications if deemed necessary. Both of these anomalies are only conducted under close supervision of teacher and parents.

Formal teacher meetings are conducted every two weeks where child's progress or lack thereof is discussed. Every day each teacher is contacted briefly after school for a daily oral report on how the day went, any problems, etc. Parents are contacted when deemed necessary. Report cards are issued every six weeks for elementary grades and every nine weeks for high school. All papers in the elementary are sent home to be signed and returned.


A BEKA BOOK: Pensacola Christian College , Pensacola , Fl. 32523-9100
BOB JONES UNIVERSITY PRESS: Greenville , South Carolina
SOUTH-WESTERN PUBLISHING CO.: (Accounting Curriculum) Cincinnati , Ohio


English- Four (4) credits
Science - Four (4) credits: Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry and Health are required core courses.
Mathematics - Four (4) credits: Algebra 1 and Geometry are required core subjects; (one credit of the following: Consumer Math, Business Math, or Accounting)
History - Four (4) credits: American History, U.S. Government, Economics, World History, and Geography. (Required core subjects)

Electives - these are offered on a rotating basis. We offer the following: Spanish, Life Management, Latin, Introduction to Computer Technology, Typing, Criminal Justice, Mnemonics, Speech, Psychology, Sociology, Consumer Math, Business Math, Accounting, and Marketing.


Chapman Christian Academy is an accredited private school with the National Association of Private Schools.

Our graduates have in the past and are currently attending universities, colleges, and trade schools throughout the Southeast and Beyond.

We are also on the Armed Services list of accepted schools and currently have graduates serving in all branches of the Armed Services.