Chapman Christian Academy
Monday, May 20, 2019
4711 Chapman Rd
Millbrook AL, 36054

Policy and Procedures
Discipline Code:
Dress Code: High School

BOYS : No shorts, pants must be at waist level with a belt. No body piercing, (including earrings); must be clean-shaven, but a small mustache is allowed. No visible tattoos .

GIRLS: No shorts, moderate skirts and skorts are allowed. No midriffs showing, no low cut blouses, no body piercing besides earrings. No visible tattoos.

Students that break the dress code will be sent home to change clothes and parents will be notified; repeated offenses are grounds for expulsion from school.

• Any physical abuse (no physical contact)
• Any verbal abuse (mocking, taunting, threats, etc)
• Profanity on school grounds.
• Disrespect towards teachers
• If anything unlawful, such as drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products are found on a student or are viewed in his/her car
• Behavior after school hours that is unlawful or reflects negatively on C.C.A
• Irresponsible driving, including the noise pollution law, will result in a loss of driving privileges and possible expulsion.
• Unexcused absences or leaving the campus without permission
• An “F” in any subject on a report card automatically puts a student on academic probation.  Students with more than one “F” on a semester report card will not be allowed to return.

More information on Dress Code for K4-6 th grades available upon request.