Chapman Christian Academy
Monday, May 20, 2019
4711 Chapman Rd
Millbrook AL, 36054

History and Philosophy:

The basic philosophy of Chapman Christian is to provide a traditional education in the minimum amount of time. A Christian curriculum is used and a Christian world view is taught.

Child safety is the number one priority, coupled with highly qualified teachers working with relatively small amount of students per class. This ensures that each student is treated as an individual.

Chapman Christian Academy attempts to ascertain each of the student's individual needs through standardized testing, evaluation of grades from former schools, if any, and personal interviews with students and teachers. A program is then implemented that will hopefully help the child to attain their personal potential.

Chapman Christian Academy offers classes from K-4 to 12 th grade. Classes run from 7:45 a.m. - 12:00 noon Monday through Thursday. Chapman Christian Academy offers pure academics without lunch, study halls, home economics, physical education, etc.

Chapman Christian Academy also conducts an evening high school two days a week for students who, for various reasons, cannot attend school during the day.

Chapman Christian Academy hires only the highest quality people to work with the students that attend these schools. Although teachers are not required to be state certified, all high school teachers are degreed and professional people. Elementary teachers must either have a teaching degree or at least two years experience teaching in the elementary level. All teachers participate in in-house training that takes place during the year.

Chapman Christian Academy is a part of Chapman Christian Church. Chapman Christian Academy operates a church school in the state of Alabama. This school consists of a campus in Millbrook, Alabama, offering a higher degree of education for Kindergarten through Seniors (K-12) for over 12 years. Chapman Christian Academy offers an atmosphere where every child can reach their potential and have a chance to succeed.